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Concise Home Electric Clothes Dryer Stainless Steel Indoors Tri Layers Fast Air Dry Hot Wardrobe Machine drying rack For Home & Dorms

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The world’s first feature:
Host a new touch-sensitive display, remote control, do not you bend over to manually adjust. Touch screen adjustment more fashionable, intelligent.

The first use of negative ion sterilization, so that your clothes can also breathe fresh air, remove the smell and a variety of bacterial viruses.

For the first time to join the aroma drying function, drying, the clothes fragrant attractive. At the end of the drying, you can wear aromatic clothes.

The use of the product:

You only need to wash your clothes, hanging on the shelf, you can hang up to 15kg heavy clothing, pull the zipper, press the start switch, you can start drying sterilization. Operation is very simple, the elderly children can operate.

Dryer is not used for drum washing machine drying, dryer healthier, more professional, hanging vertical drying, drying clothes can not wrinkle, can be used out, the equivalent of steam iron function .

Dryer with four wheels, you can always move the location, can be used as wardrobe, wardrobe use. Cloth cover with a thicker version of the waterproof Oxford cloth, you can prevent dust do not interfere with clothes.

We recommend that you do not put children, babies and adult clothes together on the drum washing machine in the drying, the proposed dehydration washing machine, the drying out in a separate drying machine disinfection. So that health with you, reduce the breeding of bacteria and infection.


Material: Aluminum alloy,PC,PEVA
Power: 650W or 1010W
Gross Weight:5.7kg
Packaging Dimension:74L x 30W x 24H (cm)
Electric Clothes Dryer suitable for damp, cold, rainy weather, to help you dry and disinfect your clothes and a variety of textiles. It can hang clothes hanging in the rack, so that your clothes will not wrinkle, the equivalent of Steam iron. When you do not use, you can also use as a portable wardrobe, wardrobe. And the host of the dryer, you can also use as a heater, so you no longer cold. Very practical and effective.
The world’s latest dryer, the new design. The use of remote control of the dryer, so you use more convenient. Host is a touch-screen display, not the knob of the old section of mechanical control. Dryer has 650W, 1010W two kinds of power can choose, you can choose according to the number of clothes. There is also an appointment with the timer function, clothes hanging into the dryer, you can make an appointment up to 24 hours after drying. Can also be scheduled, up to 12 hours to end.
Electric clothes dryer is divided into upper and lower layers, you can hang more clothes. Not only have a lower rod hanging, you can hang clothes, there are two towel rack, you can hang towels, socks and other kinds of textiles. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy thickened aluminum tube, load-bearing can reach 10-15KG, arbitrary drying.
Unique aroma function and anion function, the host below the aromatherapy box, the customer can according to their needs into the aroma material, so that your clothes are full of aroma, remove the odor. This is the most fashionable design. Negative ion function is mainly for deodorant and sterilization, so that your clothes can breathe fresh air, bactericidal function stronger.
The most secure design,built in dual temperature control safety device to ensure your safety.Automatic fuse,External temperature or internal temperature of 105 degrees Celsius or more, automatically shut down the machine to protect personal safety.Intelligent temperature controller,Automatic monitoring of temperature changes, the temperature is higher than 85 degrees Celsius, the machine automatically shut down to wait for cooling before they can boot.CE approved and BS standard plugs.