DEESS Permanent hair removal beauty device iLight 3 plus, IPL light home use, pink.[Device+ 1 hair removal lamp], [SR and AC lamp NOT INCLUDED] Non-Rechargeable.

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the most popular technology applied in hair removal application. First used at professional dermatology and top salon, spa.
It has been proved as safe and effective around the world for more than 20 years, own millions of good feedbacks from users.
Based on DEESS’ 17 years experience in products research and substantial clinical research data from the chain-salon customers and users worldwide.
90% women are satisfied with hair reduction on face and body.
DEESS home IPL hair removal devices bring you easier beauty life, which is 90% as effective as the in-office treatments, and painless!

Professional clinical data:
Acne clear
86% reduction in acne caused by bacteria immediately.
Insist on using the device, you will find amazing change. Acne is gone after weeks.

DEESS IPL Spectrum selected
Light of 510 -1200nm is filtered for different efficacy, which is totally safe to the skin.
Hair removal light 510-1200 nm: Heat energy effect on root hair follicle that full of pigment.
Skin rejuvenation light 560-1200 nm: increase partial circulation, improve collagen regeneration and reduce wrinkles.
Acne clear light 400-700 nm:  Anti-inflammation, speed up the recovery of acne.

Let the lamp window touch your skin tightly and vertically, treat acne areas repeatedly for 2-3 shorts.
If the acne area is inflammatory, please clean the areas with acus first. Adjust energy from 1-5 gradually according to skin tolerance.
1 treatment / 2-3 days.

Simple replace operation. Compatible for DEESS iLight 3 and iLight 3 plus.
For oily skin with papula, impetigo, tuber and cystic inflammatory acne and pimple.
950000 flashes IPL acne pimple clear lamp .Spot size: 3.1 sq cm
Quartz tube. Excellent safety and durability.
UV filters. Safe and Effective on skin.



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