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Brand: ETVR


Brand: ETVR

Let ETVR Fully Upgraded VR Headset takes you into a Immersive Experience! A MUST-HAVE Gift Choice!
* This VR visor can highly compatible with 4.7-6.2 inches large screen phones, iPhone 7 Plus Totally No Problem!
* Super lightweight and deepen nasal bridge design, never Stressful nor Painful!
* Multiple heat dissipation design VR Headset aim at keeping your phone cooling all the time!
* This 3D VR glasses adopts Japan imported optical grade PMMA Ergonomic Aspheric Lenses, more closer to the human eye perspective, bring you to a wonderful virtual reality world!

How can I operate the VR Headset?
A: Video Enjoyment [HD 3D Style & ≥1080P]: Online watching or offline watching is up to you, please just choose one which you will prefer the most. Then place the phone into the headset and wear the headset on. Adjust the straps tighly to reduce the stress to your nose. If there’s phenomenon of blurring and double images, please adjust the Pupil Distance button and Focal Distance button to the most suitable for a better immsersive viewing.
B: Game playing: Get the vr games ready on your phone and connect the remote to your phone via bluetooth and then wear it on. You can lay down or recline 45°angle on sofa / bed for relaxing.

VR Resources & APP
U can downlaod by search terms of “VR” in your phone app store, or just view online.
U can scan the QR Code in the User manual.
U can also contact us via “Ask a question” on the storefront page for more Recommend APP Resources as well.

What’s in the Package?
1 x ETVR Virtual Reality Glasses
1 x Remote Controller
1 x User Manual
1 x Cleaning Cloth
☞ UPGRADED Lightweight VR headset with Immersive 120-Degree Bigger Virtual Reality Viewing Angle Fit for Regular 4.7-6.2 Inches Large Screen Smartphones
☞ This is a truly fun virtual reality box with QR code which has been imitated but never been beyond, comes with Adjustable Straps for flexible wearing and deepened nasal bridge portion, no paining noses, Fashion Translucent Cover aim at reduce fatigue and provide you longer VR viewing experience
☞ 1 BUTTON Precision Adjustment, (PD) Pupil Distance and (FD) Focal Distance adjustable, “OK” Button for Google Cardboard Games shooting only
☞ Optical Grade PMMA Ergonomic Aspheric Anti-blue Lenses, more closer to the human eye really Perspective, Eyeball Refractive Brightness Adjustment , no dizziness compares to the flat lens in old VR versions, lengthen and widen Visual Stomatal Slow Rebound Sponge Interface , glasses wearable
☞ User-friendly Tight Hook Style External Cover -ETVR 3D glasses comes with a black metal stand for smartphone holding and multiple cooling, no Broken Screens nor High Fever Phones