Lucstar Personal Table USB Fan with USB Charger Timer, Mini Wall Charger and USB Extension Cable 2.0

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Can anyone tell me is there a major difference, between a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 thank you. USB 3 is faster than USB 2. A USB 3 drive


Can anyone tell me is there a major difference, between a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 thank you.
USB 3 is faster than USB 2. A USB 3 drive or whatever will function when plugged into a USB 2 socket, only it will do so slower. The cable will work on both, but we suggest you use for these devices USB 3 slot.

How to set the USB timer
The first function: just set the working time; The second function: set the appointment time and the period of working time. With the help of our USB timer, you needn’t pay an extra money to buy luxury fan which has the function of appointment.

How quiet this fan is?
Our store has a 7 inch super quiet fan, please go to check it if you have an allergy to the sound.
It still has a little sound of wind(about 35db), but it doesn’t bother your mind or disturb your sleep. The effective distance of wind is up to 3 feet. If you put it on your working table, it really could let you feel a strong breeze like the feel when you are driving a motorbike at the speed of 10 MPH. No vibrating, resist-rust, no heat.

What is the spirit of Lucstar
Quality, classic, beautiful and concise are our pursuing, and also they are what we would like to share with our customer.

Product detail:
*Power: USB plug;*Material:PP and ABS plastic;*Size:180*105*165mm(approx)*;N.W.: 200-300G*Voltage: DC 5V;*Power consumption: 2.5À0.25W;*Power cord length: 0.8M
USB charger timer
*Power: USB plug;*Material: PP and ABS plastic;*Size:9*1.5*2.5cm:Voltage: DC 5V,0-2A
USB extension cord
Type:USB 2.0. Length:5 feet=1.5 meter.
USB wall mount charger
Type:5 V 1A. Doesn’t support fast charger.
Shortcoming: This classic fan isn’t a big table fan and the sound of wind is about 30db which is relative quiet in office or home. Stable painted metal fan guard makes it very strong. Two fists figure, much saving place while playing a huge role in cooling.
Adjustable Wind Direction: It supports over 90-degree wind angle, catering for any position you need. Putting it on the desk, table, chair, car, camping tent to cool yourself.
Low Noise Pedestal Fan: Imitating the dynamics of submarine’s propeller, the aluminum blades could produce continuous strong air with low noise. A resist-vibrating and sound-absorbing foundation.
Elegance Exquisite Classic Art: The beautiful shade of motor comes from bullet. You can clear the blades by unclenching the little clips. Lucstar team devotes to providing a exquisite art fan and reducing your fidget at work.
Portable Wall Charger: Comes with 5V 1A. Reducing you time to find a suitable charger or move your laptop and power bank. Quality process provides one year guarantee and after-sale customer service.



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