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Package Included: 1 x Soda Siphon 1 x Cork Puller 1 x Instruction book


Package Included:
1 x Soda Siphon
1 x Cork Puller
1 x Instruction book

How To Use:
1.Replace the tube inside,and fill siphon with 1 liter(about 34OZ) of cold water for best result.
2.Insert the long tube and screw on siphon heap firmly.
3.Place the in top holder rack,then screw the holder with the charger into the siphon bottle until you hear the gas enter with a hiss.
4.Remove the charger and replace with cap,shake it then enjoy it.

SAFETY Measurements:
-The soda siphon and the carbon dioxide chargers are pressurized containers and should always be handled with care and attention.
-Keep soda siphon and chargers out of the reach of children.
-All parts can be assembled easily.Therefore,never use force.
-For safety reasons do not bend over the soda siphon while charging.

1 YEAR WARRANTY!(Please see the instructions for details)
Material: Aluminum+Plastic(Charger Cover,Tube Inside) Capacity:1000ML(34OZ) Maximum
Water Temperature Limit: 1-40 Degree Centigrade, Water too hot or too ice may break it, even cause SAFETY PROBLEMS
Healthy Life Style – Homemade soda is non-sugar and non-additive.It is for all members in family whatever old or young
DIY Drinks – You can add soda into a juice cocktail, then you can enjoy the sparkling cocktail or soda juice drinks
Easy To Use and Wash – Add carbon dioxide Charger(not included) into the plastic top rack and shake it, then it can made soda.Cork puller is include, what help you wash the inside






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