Rechargeable Milk Frother, GVDV Electric Handheld Egg Beater Drink Mixer Milk Foamer for Latte Cappuccino Macchiato Hot Chocolate with Charging Cable

What this lovely rose red RECHARGEABLE milk frother will bring you:

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What this lovely rose red RECHARGEABLE milk frother will bring you:

Save your money and hassle to replace batteries every few weeks.

Save your time at kitchen to beat eggs, mix powder, etc. You can even use it to beat egg white to make fresh cream.

Serve a cup of warm home-made latte, cappuccino, or hot chocolate for your family, friends and yourself at leisure time.


Package size: 33.2x9x4.9cm Weight: 210g
Item size: 26×5.3×3.9cm Weight: 156g Tips to make thick milk foams:

1.Fill a ceramic cup in milk no more than 1/3.

2.Warm the milk in the microwave or on the stovetop.

3.Insert the frother vertically in the milk.

4.Turn on the frother, and raise it as close to the surface as possible without breaking the surface of the milk

5.Adjust the height of the wand while frothing to increase foam


The milk frother can be fully charged within 5 hours, but the light will not turn off after the charging is completed.

Hold the foam maker upright while frothing and do not touch the bottom or sides of cups.

Only the metal whip and the removable plastic clear cover is washable.

RECHARGEABLE MILK FROTHER: With 600mAh built-in battery, you will no longer need to replace batteries. It¡¯s more economical and eco-friendly than battery powered frothers!
POWERFUL & ENDURABLE: After fully charged, this electric milk foamer can continuously work for about 2 hours, while only taking less than 1 minute to finish your frothing or mixing job once.
CLICK-ON/OFF: There is no need to keep pressing the power button while frothing like most other handheld milk frothers. You only need to click it once to power on or power off.
EASIER TO CLEAN & STORE: Compared with traditional spiral head, the wavy blade makes this milk frothing wand much easier to clean. A clear cover is also included to keep it safe and clean while not in use.
MULTI PURPOSE: This rechargeable milk frother can not only be used to make fancy coffee or drink like latte, cappuccino, macchiato, hot chocolate at home, but it can also be used to beat eggs or mix powder like protein shakes.