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The Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner Helps Focusing Fidget Toy [3D Figit] Tri-Spinner EDC Focus Toy for Kids & Adults – Best Stress Reducer Relieves ADHD Anxiety Boredom Metal Bearing (Alloy Gold)

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Great for stress, ADD, ADHD, and Anxiety

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Great for stress, ADD, ADHD, and Anxiety

Fidget spinners can help distract from anxiety, stress, ADD and ADHD. If you’d love a durable, black-colored fidget spinner, this 360-fidget toy will not disappoint. This is also a great gift idea for kids, friends or colleagues who like the color gold.

Highly Portable & Durable

Simply slide this 360-fidget spinner in your pocket or travel bag and get it out on-the-go, whether you’re at school, at home, at work, or just about anywhere else. This accessory is designed from high-strength metal bearings that last long and give maximum value for your money!

Premium Brand Guarantee

With our premium brand guarantee, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You get a top-quality, stylish spinner that runs smooth and at low noise. If you’re not happy with the product, we’ll make it right by processing a refund, or shipping a replacement unit!

LONGER, SMOOTHER SPINS- get longer, smoother spins with our brand new anti-anxiety 360 fidget spinner. Designed to rotate fast and operate smooth, this fidget accessory works great as a stress reliever, or pass-time toy. Order your unit, or buy as a gift for a friend or colleague who might fancy a smooth, gold-colored fidget spinner.
HIGHLY DURABLE- ditch those delicate ceramic fidget spinners that break at the slightest hint of mishandling, and flaunt a top-quality, durable accessory that lasts long and gives you maximum value for your money. Put anxiety at bay and get the action going anytime with a tough, well-balanced metal alloy spinner.
OVER 3 MINUTES SPIN- disappointed by slow-moving, short-fused spinners that will only do 2 minutes at most? Take advantage of our classic metal allow spinner that’s based on heavier and well-balanced metal bearing for a smoother action. Simply place it on a table-top, or between your fingers, and push it to get going.
STYLISH PLAY TOY- build your concentration, relieve stress, or just enjoy a lazy afternoon with a stylish and addictive play toy. Compete with your friends or colleagues to see who can score a longer spin time based on a single push, or organize spin-competitions within your home. Definitely a must-have, on-the-go play toy!
PREMIUM GUARANTEE- you get a durable, gold metal fidget spinner that’ll help you put anxiety at bay, relieve stress, or boost your concentration. If you’re not happy with what you get, we process a refund for you or ship a replacement unit. At ZekPro, customer satisfaction is not an option, it’s a guarantee!