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DJI Mavic Vs Gopro Karma Specs Compared

DJI Mavic Vs Gopro Karma Specs Compared

DJI Mavic vs GoPro Karma Specs Comparison.
With all the hype surrounding the 2 latest drones to hit the market lets try and summarise things with only specs and facts to avoid being biased in anyway.

First Up Lets compare the Aircraft Specs such as size and weight etc.

DJI Mavic Size

DJI Mavic Folded = H83mm x W83mm x L198mm  Karma Folded H89mm x W224.3 x L365mm

Straight away there is a clear size difference between the 2 drones and the Mavic is over 50% smaller in the width and approx 40% shorter , Height wise the Karma comes out slightly lower by 6mm
And the Winner Is = DJI Mavic
Weight Including Camera and Lipo

DJI Mavic 734g  and the Karma 1006g so again there is a clear weight difference here with the Mavic coming in slightly over 25% lighter
Winner = DJI Mavic

Top Speed No Wind in relevant Flight Mode


DJI Mavic 40Mph vs Karma 35Mph
Winner = DJI Mavic

Flight Time Both will be in Zero Wind and at optimal speed. 

Mavic = 27mins  Karma = Upto 20mins
Winner DJI Mavic

Max Distance – Subject to Country Laws etc 

Mavic = 4.3 miles 7km vs Karma = 1.86 miles 3km

Winner DJI Mavic


Now lets Summarise the Camera and Gimbal Specs

Concerning cameras, the two drones could not be any different. The Mavic Pro comes with a camera attached, but the Karma does not. It requires that you purchase a camera like the GoPro Hero 5 Black, which adds to the size and weight.
The cameras for both have a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor and can shoot 4K video and take RAW and JPEG image

Both drones have 3-axis stabilization. The Karma’s range of motion is -90 degrees to 0 degrees up and down. The Mavic Pro benefits from a wider movement range at -90 degrees to +30 degrees (pitch) with the ability to roll.

So the winner is the DJI Mavic Pro yet again

More to follow when we will compare the flight modes of both machines and the technology used for the video link etc.

DJI Mavic Uk Store

It is in our opinion that although the Karma is a great drone its taken too long to be developed and as such the technology is very much lacking which by todays user expectations, collision avoidance and smart shots are expected especially on a action drone.
There is as many will know some history between Gopro and DJI and the Karma was allegedly developed by Gopro as a big stick it up the @@@@ to DJI but it was very short lived when DJI released the Mavic days after the Karma’s release causing a huge downward spike in Karma pre orders and a slump in there stock value almost instantly.
We will follow up with more information as we hear it.

Author – Three Monkeys


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