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NewsDemon is yet another premium Usenet service vying for your attention and indeed money. The company provides high-speed access to newsgroup servers right around the world, and it’s among the Usenet services with the highest completion and retention rates on the market.

The platform is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch, giving it a more global reach than some rivals. As well as this, it also owns server farms throughout the US and Europe, which means you can access its newsgroups wherever you happen to be based in the world. This also bodes well for good performance.


Retention rates – the amount of days content is kept for – play an important role in the overall performance of Usenet services. NewsDemon doesn’t disappoint on this count, offering 3,150 days of binary retention and the same for text retention. That’s impressive, considering that many companies prioritise binary rates.

In total, you get access to more than 107,000 newsgroups, which seems to be around the norm these days. Of course, some firms offer more, but this is a pretty sizeable selection. It’s also good to see that NewsDemon boasts a 99.9% completion rate, meaning that you’re unlikely to come across a situation where you can’t finish a download because a bit of data has been lost somewhere.

These newsgroups are uncensored, as you’d expect, and all subscriptions come with a free newsreader service. Called NewsRover, it’s automatically configured for your account and lets you find the most relevant content. If you’re a Usenet newbie, then this is something to see as a definite positive, because many providers will put you through a more manual setup process.

Speed and security

As mentioned earlier, NewsDemon runs its own server farms, which should help in terms of performance. It’ll max out your broadband connection, whether it’s 5Mbps or 1000Mbps.

Along with helping to maintain top speeds for users, NewsDemon’s global network of server farms can also cater with high demand. They’ve been built to assure redundancy and optimal uptime, the firm insists. NewsDemon engineers constantly monitor services and requests too, helping to find and address outages and other issues as soon as possible.

As ever with a Usenet service, it’s always important to consider security and privacy. NewsDemon isn’t much different to the rest of the competition in that all accounts come with 256-bit secure connections. The company makes it clear that it won’t share user information with third-parties. It’s also good to see a free VPN service available (SlickVPN), adding a further layer of protection.

Pricing and support

NewsDemon prides itself on a strong customer support operation. You are able to get help from specialists to address account issues and potential faults affecting performance. This support line is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The company also runs a blog where it posts deals and customer announcements, although it isn’t updated all that often. Still, it’s a handy way to find out about price and product changes.

Speaking of pricing, sadly, it’s a rather fragmented affair. In all, there are 20 membership plans to choose from, offering different speed options and features based on user needs. There are monthly and block plans available, giving you lots of choice.

The cheapest monthly option costs £3.60 ($4.50, AU$5.90), and for that, you get 50GB of access, but you can opt for unlimited if you’re willing to pay a bit more. Block accounts start at £2.88 ($3.60, AU$4.70), giving you 10GB of data.

All accounts come with 50 connections, unlimited speed, 24/7 support, free headers, free posting, header compression and a free VPN tool. With the block plans, you can opt to set up a sharing agreement with other accounts. Also note that if you’re undecided about whether to sign up for the service, it’s possible to give it a whirl with a free 15GB trial.

Final verdict

It can be hard picking a good Usenet service because there are so many options available on the market, but you can’t go far wrong with NewsDemon. Not only do you get ample retention rates and an impressive completion percentage, you’re also given access to a platform that’s easy-to-use and secure. The sheer amount of account options may overwhelm some, but on the other hand, others may appreciate the diverse range of choices with the firm’s plans are.


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