Celebrations Mini Light Set 300 Count Clear Bulbs, 31-Feet Lighted Length, Great For Holidays, Beautiful Design, Comes With 150 Count Set, Indoor or Outdoor Use, Traditional Holiday Decoration

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This beautiful set of incandescent lights is made by Celebrations a company that aims to keep things classic. Even the packaging for the bulbs has a nostalgic holiday design to

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This beautiful set of incandescent lights is made by Celebrations a company that aims to keep things classic. Even the packaging for the bulbs has a nostalgic holiday design to it. This light set comes with two separate strings of light to give you the freedom to decorate where you want. You can choose to connect the sets together for a longer string of lights or separate them and decorate different parts of your home. Each set has 150 bulbs on it and is 31-feet long, when connected together the lights total exactly 62-feet and 300 lights in total.

The lights are designed to be used in multiple settings. You can choose to use the lights on your Christmas tree for a classic look or string them along the walls of your room. The lights are designed to be able to survive winter weather so that you can string up the lights on the outside of your home. In off-seasons, these lights are the perfect accent to weddings or events where you need a softer look for the theme.

If you need to lengthen your lights, then you can connect up to three sets at once. That gives you around 100 ft. of holiday lights to decorate your home with. Each bulb is spaced 2.5-inches from the last one. This creates an even pattern that gives the perfect amount of light without running the bulbs too close together. In case of a bulb burning out, the rest of the lights will keep on glowing. The set is wired to bypass the bulb that burns out in order to keep the other bulbs glowing brightly.

The Celebration light set has a wonderful classic feel to it. The set of lights has a classic green wire that connects all the bulbs. The bulbs themselves illuminate with a soft warm glow of incandescent lights that will remind you of a classic holiday look. This makes these lights perfect for decorating shrubs or tree and will create an illusion of floating lights. By choosing to connect multiple set you can even decorate bigger plants in your yard to give yourself an outdoor Christmas tree.
2 DIFFERENT SETS: Instead of lumping all the lights together in one huge strand, you get two sets that you can connect or decorate with separately. This gives you more freedom to use the lights where you want without having to buy multiple packs.
USE ANYWHERE: These lights are made to be used just about anywhere you need. The lights can be used indoors or on a Christmas tree for a classic look. The lights can also be used for outdoor decoration and are made to survive the winter elements.
TRADITIONAL LOOK: What’s better than being reminded of the warm winter holidays of your past? The Celebration Mini Light Set keeps the classic look of traditional holiday lights, giving you a visual illusion of the Christmas from your childhood.
CONNECT MULTIPLE SETS: To help create your dream space, this set was made so you can connect multiple sets of lights. Connect up to 3 sets of this Celebrations lighting product to completely cover your desired area in dazzling beauty.
GREEN AND WHITE: These lights don’t try to overcomplicate things by throwing in tons of color or going for a quirky look. The set is made with green wire and classic clear bulbs. The perfect combination of colors that will go with about any setting.