Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener, Salon Hair Straightening Iron with Titanium Plate + Adjustable Temperatures +Locking Switch, Heats up Fast+ Portable Professional Vapor Flat Iron … (Black)

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★Steam Mechanism with Ultrasonic Technology VS Traditional Heating Steam Mechanism

We utilize Ultrasonic Technology on our steam to decompose water instead of heating, never afraid to be burnt by hot steam. Combines straightening hair with replenishing & nourising hair. Quite safe!

★Titanium Plate VS Ceramic Plate

Titanium Plate has unparalleled superiority over ceramic plate in heat conduction, so it’s faster to reach the setting temperature. The titanium plate will never occur cracks caused by thermal expansion and contraction, the service life is much longer than ceramic plate!

★Locking Switch VS Non-Locking Switch

Our steam hair straightener includes an advanced locking switch, when you need to store or carry it, just push the switch, and then the plates are closed up. Save so much space!

★Shiny and Healthy Hair VS Rough and Dry Hair

Traditional hair straightener makes your hair dry and rough because of high temperature, but our steam hair flat iron can replenish moisture while straightening your hair, effectively avoid dry and damaged hair and revitalize your lifeless hair.

So, Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener is your best choice! You are the best, and you deserve the best!

1.Fill up the water tank with water injection bottle and make sure it will not leak away.
2.Please do not wet the power contact of the tank point when you’re filling water into it.
3.The Full tank can be used 5-8 mins continuously and please don’t enable this function without water.
4.Please kindly note the steam is not so heavy and not obvious to see by naked eyes.
5.The titanium plates are HOT! Avoid direct skin contact.
【Superior Titanium Plate】Compared with Ceramic plate, the heat conducting of Titanium Plate is much faster and more evenly, which is essential to get your hair the best straight result. Straighten your curly hair with it, and the frizz will be gone, leaving you soft, smooth and tangle-free hair. The Titanium Plate will never be damaged by thermal expansion and contraction,so the service life is much longer.
【Locking Switch and 360°Swivel Power Cord】The unique locking switch on the straightener is convenient or storage/carrying because it saves so much space. And 360°swivel power cord prevents wire twining and makes it ideal for professional salon use, hair care at home & on the road. And the hook makes hanging easier and steadier. Extra bonus: A water injection bottle.
【Safety And Service】The device can also automatically shut off after 60 minutes without its key being pressed to ensure your safety. You’re protected by a 2-year, no-questions-asked replacement or refund guarantee and world-class personal customer service. Please use clean water, no essential oil. Regular maintenance: You can use cotton swabs to clean atomization device and keep it dry.
【New Steam Ultrasonic Technology】Unlike the ordinary flat iron with traditional high-temperature steam, our item utilizes ultrasonic technology to decompose water, more efficient and safe. Prevent hair damage, enhance the infusion of moisture, and tame your hair into a soft, smooth and healthier condition. NOTE: It is normal that you can hear the sizzle of water when you use it because the room-temperature steam will boil when exposed to the high-heat plate, that is a physical phenomenon.
【Adjustable Temperature and Dual Voltage】There are 2 practical temperature settings 180℃ (350℉)and 210℃ (410℉) that can meet different needs, applicable to different hair type: thin, fine, bleached, wavy or curled. It is also available to curl: Grab a bunch of hair, then put the hair on the heating plate. Hold the plywood, rotate the iron around 360°and pull down the iron, and loose plywood. It has dual voltage ranging from 100V to 240V suitable for travel and business trip.