Professional Brightest Water Resistant LED Tactical Flashlights Set:2000 Bright Lumen Flashlight & mini 1000 Lumen flashlight,3 Rechargeable battery,4 modes. Perfect for Cops,Outdoor, Camping, Hunting

Are you looking for adjustable flashlights to illuminate your path when your are engaging law enforcement or participating in a military operation?

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Are you looking for adjustable flashlights to illuminate your path when your are engaging law enforcement or participating in a military operation?

Do you need a reliable light source for your camping excursions, hiking trips and hunting conquests?

Look no further!

MsForce produced The Professional Super Bright, Water Resistant LED Tactical Flashlights Set : The 2000 Lumens flashligh is able to illuminate long distances if you are walking in the forest, searching for a missing team member or climbing difficult heights. The 1000 Lumens flashlight is compact and can be used with a weapon or while engaging any outdoor activity. The two settings of STROBE with intermittent signals and SOS with an emergency signal may be the real heroes in any kind of distress.

The flexibility of controlling brightness is an excellent feature.
☄ Select HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW brightness by pushing a SINGLE BUTTON
☄ ZOOM-IN or OUT to get the right focus
☄ These flashlights are also helpful in domestic needs
☄ Control spotlight needed for close observation or distant exploration of any site
☄Waterproof and a skidproof addition .

Package include:

1 x 2000 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight
1 x 1000 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight
3 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery
1 x 18650 Battery Sleeve
1 x Battery Charger
1 x AAA Battery Holder
1 x User manual
1 x Vip card
1 x Special bonus- Flashlight carry bag.

MsForce and Amazon are not responsible for any knockoffs! Don’t get tempted by promises made by CHEAP imitations. SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY! Add the most trusted and admired flashlights to your cart and own this ORIGINAL TOP QUALITY product to serve you for a lifetime!
NEVER REFUSE AN ADVENTURE. With MsForce fantastic LED Tactical Flashlight Set, you can explore the field at any time: day and night! These torches come in two sizes and degrees luminosity. They are the handiest of tools imaginable for police and army forces as well as for campers, hikers and hunters, lending you a reliable light source while you’re building a camp, or a means to locate the best route ahead while you’re exploring in the dark
ADJUST THE TORCHES BRIGHTNESS TO SPOT ANYTHING IN A BREEZE: Sometimes static brightness doesn’t serve the purpose. MsForce offers five levels of adjustable intensity: from high, medium and low to strobe or SOS, depending on your needs. The 3 high-capacity rechargeable 18650 batteries have up to 8 hours run-time! The bigger flashlight with 2000 lumens is ideal for exploring, while the smaller flashlight with 1000 lumens is great for outdoor activities as well as compatible to use with a weapon
USE CONFIDENTLY EVEN ON A STORMY NIGHT! THESE FLASHLIGHTS LOVE THE RAIN: A flashlight is as reliable as its construction. When you pack MsForce LED Flashlights in your bag you don’t need to keep up with weather forecasts. The TOP QUALITY ABS gives it the kind of ruggedness expected of a tactical tool. And of course it is completely waterproof. Nothing, neither rain nor spooky darkness, can stop you now from plummeting the depths of secret places
THESE FLASHLIGHTS WON’T BE DROPPED: Law enforcement and outdoor activities are exciting. But when you’re traipsing through unknown territory which is sometimes dark, you might drop your torch by mistake and find yourself helpless without it. With the LED Tactical Flashlight Set by MsForce, it simply won’t happen. Both flashlights are skid-proof and have strong string loops to hang on your belt clip or hold in your hand
LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We love these flashlights so much and we know you will too. Not only is the MsForce LED Tactical Flashlight Set covering all your tactical needs, but it also comes with a fully-fledged guarantee of a lifetime: 100% money back in case you don’t find it useful in your excursions and explorations kit.