Oliver Smith Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor (Quiet 300W AC Motor, 65 RPMs, 3″ Wide Mouth) – Stainless Steel – Whole Fruit Vegetable Anti-Oxidation- Sorbet & Smoothie Attachments Included

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* 3″ Inches big straight chute with blade for large produce.
* Exclusive 300W AC Motor.
* Juicer, smoothie and sorbet strainers included. Three juicing tasks all in one machine.
* Drip-free smart cap to keep your juice off your counters.


* Model Number: OS-2017
* Color: Stainless Steel Body / Black Plastic Trim
* Net weight: 16.70 lbs
* Power Consumption: 300 W
* Voltage: 110-120v
* BPA-Free Juicing Bowl, Feeding Tube, Drum Lid, Pusher, Filters Juicing Screw and Containers


Q: How well does the Oliver Smith Juicer handle tough ingredients like celery and kale?
A: Tough ingredients with large stems can wrap around the juicing screw and affect the juicer’s performance. Cut the stems that are thick and tough to 4 inches long or less. Foam can be produced by heavy fiber ingredients, so straining would be recommended prior to serving.

Q: Is my juice going to be 100% pulp free?
A: There will be some fine pulps in the juice. It is common for masticating juicers, and is good for pulp lovers. The pulps can be filtered out with a mesh strainer (not included). The fine pulps (not the tough fiber pulps from the exit) are very good nutrition wise, and can be used for making cake, rice, soup, etc.

Q: What’s the ideal fruit for juicing?
A: The ingredients should not be too hard or too soft. Items that are too hard will break the machine, while items that are too soft may not produce enough juice. Hard apples are good for juicing; soft apples are not. Soft ingredients are ideal for smoothies / sorbets.


1. If the juicing screw is clogged, please press REV (Reverse Rotation) for a few seconds to unclog.
2. The overload protection system may shut off the juicer due to motor overheating, unstable power supply, improper assembly, idle run, etc. When this happens, the juicer will be locked off for 1 hour. Please wait.
FRESHER LONGER LASTING JUICE – When compared to high speed juicers, our juicer uses a cold press to extract the juice, which protects the nutrients and keeps our juice fresher, cooler, tastier and longer lasting due to little to no oxidation.
3″ WIDE CHUTE – Our juicer can take full apples that are under 3″ wide. Unlike other juicers, there is no flip cover or any other obstructions, so you may juice your fruits and vegetables with ease.
FDA RECOMMENDED BPA-FREE MATERIAL – Enjoy all natural drinks with none of the harmful plastic based chemicals.
THREE JUICERS, ONE MACHINE – With juice, smoothie and sorbet strainers, you have your choice of a healthy natural juice, a smoothie or non-dairy frozen treat. No need to purchase dedicated sorbet and smoothie machines.
5 YEAR MOTOR WARRANTY & OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE – The motor is rated to work up to 600 hours of juicing, with a low noise level of 45-60db, which is far lower than high speed juicers and blenders. First class customer service is our top priority!